ASIN: 0995994609
ISBN: 9780995994607
Publisher: Locarno Press
Publication Year: October 25, 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 192 Pages
Price: USD$16.95 / CAD$22.95

In his fifth novel, award-winning author Tristan Hughes has created a vivid and poetic coming-of-age story about loss, absence and redemption.

Beside a lake in the northern Ontario wilderness, fifteen-year-old Zachary Tayler lives a lonely life with his father, his only neighbours a leech trapper, an eccentric millionaire and an expert in snow. All Zack has for company is the harsh and moody landscape, which holds both beauty and terror in its depths and whispers with the promise of dark, secret spaces and undiscovered worlds.

Summer and life change with the arrival of the mysterious Eva Spiller, who is determined to find the spot where her parents disappeared in a floatplane after flying off from the lake. Zack and Eva grow closer. The people of Sitting Down Lake will have to rely on each other to come to terms with the past and realize that death is never final: something always remains.

"The brilliance of Hughes’s novel lies in its refusal to explain what is ultimately inexplicable.... Hughes’s raw emotion is set perfectly against the rugged landscape of the north – the lakes, trees, rocks, and bugs. There’s danger there, but there’s also beauty."